Fear, Nervousness, and Hope: Exploring the I AM NOT INFECTED Collection - YDC 2022

Fear, Nervousness, and Hope: Exploring the I AM NOT INFECTED Collection - YDC 2022

At MOODLABBYLORRAINE, we believe fashion is a powerful medium to express emotions and reflect the realities of our times. Our award-winning collection, 'I AM NOT INFECTED,' created for the Hong Kong Young Designers Competition, beautifully portrays the fear and uncertainty that permeates our lives during the ongoing pandemic.

The collection revolves around different personas, each capturing a unique aspect of the collective experience. Let's delve into the story behind each persona, as we explore the creative thinking that earned this collection two prestigious awards.



This look embodies the concerns of a boy going out to buy groceries amidst spikes in confirmed cases. The quilted jacket, featuring openings on the arms for breathability, is filled with repeated mask patterns, emphasising the importance of mask-wearing. The boxy shorts, designed with denim and heat wave patterns, symbolise the unpredictable nature of the pandemic. And the pom pom grocery bag serves as a playful reminder of the germs he may inadvertently bring home.



Working from home has become the new norm, and this persona captures the essence of that experience. The shirt jacket, tied around the waist, is adorned with rapid test result patterns, mirroring the daily tests taken. The hoodie provides comfort, with infrared patterns as patched panels. And the regular straight pants feature zipper details on the front legs, ensuring a relaxed fit during long hours at the desk.



Amidst the pandemic, some still crave social interaction. The Party Boy persona represents those who love to be out and about, believing in their absolute health. The bomber jacket, adorned with pom poms, signifies the unseen germs that cling to them during their adventures. The wide-cropped straight pants, featuring infrared patterns and denim panels, embody a carefree spirit. And the lung bag, known as "廢袋" in Chinese, reflects the boredom that drives people to make unnecessary purchases when confined.



The final persona pays homage to the brave healthcare workers. Inspired by a nurse's uniform, this look showcases practicality and resilience. The zip-down shirt and panelled pants offer numerous pockets to carry essential tools and stationery. The patterned inner sweater and balaclava ski mask represent infrared scanners encountered at hospitals. And the knitted jacquard scarf, adorned with repeated patterns of rapid test results, symbolises the hope for a future free from the need for rapid testing.

Experience the captivating emotions of the I AM NOT INFECTED Collection firsthand and discover the unique stories each persona tells. Visit our website or store to explore this award-winning collection that beautifully reflects the resilience and spirit of our times.

Together, let's find solace, inspiration, and hope through fashion.


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