Our Hong Kong Young Designers Competition Award winning collection 'I AM NOT INFECTED' portrays the fear of getting infected by viruses. With the increasing numbers of confirmed cases in the society, people are nervous and cautious once they or someone around them have symptoms. People always assure themselves for not being infected by taking tests daily. They try to get as many medicines and groceries as they can just in case of unexpected lockdowns or quarantines.

This collection marks the sense of fear, nervousness, panic and helplessness throughout the whole pandemic situation that we are currently experiencing.

Each outfit portrays a different persona. Keep reading to find out more about each persona.




This look is about a boy who wishes to look cool even when he is out buying groceries. With sudden spikes in confirmed cases, he worries if he can get enough food and supplies to last the whole week. The quilted jacket comes with two openings on the arms to avoid feeling stuffy when wearing too many layers during the winter. The jacket is filled with repeated mask patterns to tell the importance of wearing masks during the pandemic. The boxy shorts are designed with denim and heat wave patterned panels, while the pom pom grocery bag mimics the germs he may take home from being outside.





This look is about a boy who has been "working from home" for months. As he has several virtual meetings with his colleagues everyday, he decided to tie a shirt jacket around his waist so he can put it on before the meetings start. The shirt jacket is filled with rapid test result patterns, which mimics the tests he has to take everyday at home. The hoodie is his lounge wear to keep him comfy and has infrared patterns as patched panels. The regular straight pants has a zipper on both front legs so he can sit in a more comfy position when he bends his legs.




This look is about a boy who loves to be out socialising even during the pandemic and believes he is absolutely healthy. The pom poms on the bomber jacket portray the germs that stick to him from all the places he visits. The wide cropped straight pants is designed with infrared patterns and denim panels to give a carefree feeling. There is also a lung bag for this look. which is also called "廢袋” in Chinese. It shows the boredom of people during the pandemic, which leads them into buying unnecessary things as they have no where to go.




This look is about a boy who works in a hospital as a nurse. The whole outfit is inspired by a nurse's uniform. This zip down shirt and panelled pants have lots of pockets, which are for all the different tools and stationaries they need when working around the ward. The pattern of the inner sweater and balaclava ski mask represents the infrared scanners when walking into a hospital. The big knitted jacquard scarf is all covered with repeated patterns of the rapid test results to portray the hope of one day rapid tests are no longer needed.