Last October, morimori and MOODLABBYLORRAINE started discussing the idea of a crossover project. The design concept of this crossover collection was proposed by the morimori shop co-founder “R”. At the time, R was reading a book called Tree: A Life Story (available at the morimori store) and she grew fond of the relationships between trees and biological life. Realising that many people don’t understand the relationships and importance of what mother nature has given us. Therefore, R wanted to portray these images through this collection and let everyone remember their unique stories. 

Later on, “R” discussed the design concept with Lorraine and as the inspiration of this collection came from nature, they decided to launch the NATURE Limited Collection. Designed by Lorraine, the NATURE collection includes three unique and thoughtful socks, where the graphics are simple, clear and adds both their favourite colours and elements to the design. The NATURE collection has a strong personality and communicates a clear story. We are happy to have worked with morimori store co-founder R & D, and seeing this collection come to life.

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